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How Important Is Money In Your Relationship?

02/15/2017 at 4:21 | Amy Cooper // Staff Writer
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Whether you’re hunting for a significant other, you’ve already got one, or you’re married, eventually finances will come up in discussion. 

And while most may think that if you’re looking to start a relationship but you’re keeping an eye on someone’s spending habits, you’re probably a gold digger, you’d be surprised how many people actually look at financial stability as a deal breaker to even begin the relationship.

SoFi‘s statistics show that in the terms of what is concerned a “deal breaker,” serious debt ranks on the list at 20.9%, just below being a workaholic. Having a dead end job, however, ranks lower on the list at a 16.4%.

Though that may seem pretty shallow to consider, it’s apparently a big choice, especially if you’re in the market to settle down. Their stats questioned a person’s future potential earnings and if that plays a factor in if they are deciding to date them (are they in school, in line for a promotion, etc), and apparently 11.3% look for graduation degrees on dating profiles. WOW!

It’s also a concern of timing. If you’re in debt, it can be kind of embarrassing, unless you live in the generation of student loans exceeding the cost of a house. SoFi asked “At what stage in a relationship should you tell your partner about your debt?”  Many felt that it was when you begin sharing household expenses, followed by “once we’re exclusive.” It’s even questioned if you’d actually dump someone after finding out how much debt they are in!

It’s crazy to think that money has that much control over who you’d choose for a partner, but then again, I’m a romantic.

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