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ICYMI: Drake Admits to Drunk Texting J.Lo

It never ceases to amaze how the other half lives. While most of us settle for Tinder or Plenty of Fish for our drunk escapades, platinum-selling artists prefer to keep it all in the family.

That’s not an incest quip, but rather a reference to Drake admitting to drunk texting Jennifer Lopez.

The Canadian rappers opening song, "Free Smoke," from his newly released playlist More Life, gives a shout out to the 47-year-old rumored former lover, with the two being romantically linked back in December.

“I drunk text J.Lo/Old number, so it bounce back,” raps Drake on the new track.

The two’s torrid love affair didn’t last long and reportedly cooled off in February, but that didn’t stop the rapper from sampling the stars debut single, "If You Had My Love," for his song “Teenage Fever” from his latest project. They originally worked together on the track, “Get It Together,” but her vocals have since been replaced by rising British singer Jorja Smith.

J.Lo moves quick, as she is reportedly dating A-Rod, former MLB star.

Sorry Drake, I’m just saying you probably can’t do better.


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