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What Wearing Funky Socks Says About You

How you dress may have an affect on how you are perceived by others.

I personally love funky colored sock but some people think they are unprofessional.

According to Inc, "when people were shown images of a man in an off-the-peg suit and in a made-to-measure one, they rated the man in the made-to-measure suit as more confident, successful, flexible, and higher-earning. So it's possible to direct others' perceptions of you, just by being pickier about what you slip into.

What's more, your clothes can affect how you feel and perceive yourself, too--there's truly some science behind dressing the part." So always look your best but let your freak flag fly aka funky socks!

Mary Brooke Beasley has a healthy obsession with all things related to cats, fashion, and the color pink! She mainly writes trending topics, celebrity gossip, and lifestyle pieces.