TechBuzz: Facebook Ads A "Dislike" Button - But Not Where You'd Want One

It's no secret that people have been requesting the dislike button on Facebook for years now, and up until now, the request has largely fallen on deaf ears.

While the company still has no intention of adding the button to the newsfeed, the social media giant met users in the middle by adding a dislike emoji to messenger.

We get it, it's not the same as using the feature in the newsfeed, but it will have to suffice, at least for now.

To use the new dislike emoji in messenger, hover over the emoji and scroll down until you come across the thumbs down option.

TechCrunch notes that you can react to a specific part of a message, and you will see those reactions in a tab that pops out on the comment in the group message, but that's clearly not what we've wanted for years. So, in other words, we're still waiting, Facebook!

Fast Company on Twitter

Facebook is testing out a dislike button, but there's a catch.


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