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Did You Know You Can Freeze Avocados?

Stop me if you've heard this one - but here's a great tip when it comes to Avocados. 
According to The Huffington Post, there is a specific way that you freeze your favorite green treat, you can't just throw them in the freezer and be done with it.

  • Wash the outside of the avocado.
  • Cut it, take out the nut.
  • Put them in a zip bag and freeze.


  • Puree, mash, or otherwise squish the avocado.
  • Add lemon or lime juice for preservation purposes.
  • Seal in a zip bag and freeze.


HP also notes that the texture will not be the same once it thaws, so this process is only good for making guacamole or spreads, rather than just eating avocado slices or gutting it with a spoon.


So when there's that good sale on Avocados, stock up! Now you know how to make them last longer, as long as you're not using them as a source of eating-with-a-spoon on the go.

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