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Famous Rappers And Their Failed Restaurants

Rappers owning their own restaurants has always been a known route used to invest money and gain more income; plus I mean why not, right?

Seems like it's a pretty exciting venture to embark on. Most decide their type of restaurants based on what they like to eat, their swag or maybe their music style; which because of that means some spots have been really successful and are still here today but some have also failed... miserably.

You may have had the chance and pleasure to dine at these establishments before they went out of business, that may be a good or bad thing depending on your experience. Noting the fact that it's Flavor Flav's birthday, here are five rappers who had restaurants that didn't quite make it, starting with him!


House of Flav and Flavs Fried Chicken by Flavor Flav Why is this not a surprise that Flavor Flav decided to open a restaurant based upon chicken? If you saw his highly uh... interesting love show, Flavor of Love; chicken was always his loved meal. I guess it was decided we didn’t need an extra chicken joint upon the many.




City Island Express by Fat Joe Was located in Bronx NY that served burgers and fried seafood. After he opened the restaurant that's when he decided that cut back on the fried foods to lose some weight that made him gain the 'Fat' in his name. The downfall probably was that the restaurant wasn't really helping his transformation?


Justin's by Diddy The popular restaurant that was named after his son and being in two locations, New York and Atlanta, served southern Caribbean style food (A style I've never heard of till researching) the restaurant was a big hit. Sadly the downfall occurred when Diddy decided to venture into other avenues and wanted to give up being a restaurant owner.


Café Dupri by Jermaine Dupri Opened in  2005 in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, Café Dupri was a health conscious café which closed due the change in the US economy. People were cutting back on where they spent their money and Café Dupri wasn't making much. Or maybe the idea wasn't well liked to put a healthy food spot in Atlanta but either way the outcome was to close the business. Rumor has it that it was abruptly closed and the employees were left without checks.


Doug E Chicken and Waffles by Doug E Fresh  Knowing that chicken and waffles are a very popular food combination, Doug E Fresh decided to open a soul food place in NY so that the people around could enjoy a southern taste while up north. Not sure as to why to the place closed down, but based on the Yelp reviews the restaurant was definitely a hit.


Comment below if you've ever ate at these places! Would you want them to still be in business today?


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