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Dutch Town Installs Lights to Alert Texters

We are sure you have witnessed the notorious zombie texter. That person who is so involved in their phone that they have no idea where they are going. If you live in a city, we are sure you have witnessed someone almost walk into a busy road because they were took involved into what was happening on their screens.

For one Dutch town, they have invented a way to alter those who are too occupied to the upcoming street. In Bodegraven, in the Netherlands town officials have installed strip lights that rest at the edge of a sidewalk crossing. The light is to get a person’s attention and to make them realizing of the possible upcoming danger.

According to the BBC, the lights work like typical traffic lights. Green, means go and red means wait. The device was created by HIG Traffic Systems, a company based in the town. They are hoping to be able to spread their technology to every country and help make people more safe.


Matt Allio on Twitter

Progress/Decline? Street embedded pedestrian lights in Bodegraven, Netherlands. Rationale: pedestrians texting eyes on ground. #pedestrian


Spokesperson for the company told the Dutch site, OmproepWest that “Smartphone use by pedestrians and cyclists is a major problem. Trams in The Hague regularly make an emergency stop because someone looks at their smartphone instead of traffic.”


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Bodegraven, a Dutch town, is using traffic lights in pavements to keep #smartphone-addicted pedestrians safe. RT @networkedindia #mobile


As reported by the BBC, not everyone is a fan of this company’s idea. One Dutch road safety group stated that the device “rewards bad behavior.” They believe that people should be responsible for their own safety and, instead of checking their phones, should be scanning the world around them.


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La cd. holandesa Bodegraven ya cuenta con semáforos en el suelo para avisar a los usuarios de smartp @TapasDeCiencia


Currently, there are only a few lights that have been installed in the area. Most of which are close to schools. The lights are being tested as well in Germany.

Which ever side you are on about this issue, it will definitely help to save lives and make people alert. We are living in a time of technology and it is only going to increase in the future!


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