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Kylie Still Supporting Tyga's Music, Even With Breakup Rumors

E! shares that there has been speculation that Kylie and Tyga might be on the outs again, but Kylie Jenner is still bumping his music at the very least. 

I mean, the song does mention her. According to E!, the track "Act Ghetto" even says "Gettin' checks like Kylie / Yeah, every day I do it."

The song also shouts out Rihanna, which you hear when Kylie (poorly, I might add) tries to lip sync to the song.

Kylie Jenner Updates on Twitter

Kylie via Snapchat https://t.co/MnQaVPnHd3


Considering reports that Tyga has a new place in Hollywood Hills and has been spotted partying every night at home without Kylie, it's hard to know if they are just keeping up the charade of a relationship, or if the two just have really opposite schedules.



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