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#FBF Reality Shows We Loved Before Being a “Reality Star” Was a Thing

It’s probably hard for some people to imagine life before things like iPhones, DVR, social media and reality stars.

Today people go on reality shows to act crazy, get famous and gain followers; however this was not always the case. Before a reality show became a meal ticket, it seemed real to us and we loved it. Check out some shows that somewhat started the trend of the widely popular reality TV phenomenon.


Flavor of Love was one of the original reality dating shows, where contestants competed for Flava Flav’s heart. The idea of such young, beautiful girls wanting to date the then 40-something year old rapper, was enough to make you tune in and see what happens. The girls were given nicknames by the Public Enemy rapper and their big personalities gradually won us over.

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They need to put flavor of love on Netflix


Charm School was a show birthed from the ladies of Flava of Love that didn’t win the heart of the rapper. So many girls became fan favorites that people naturally wanted to know more. Charm School was put together to teach the otherwise ratchet reality stars how to be ladies, have manners and win money.


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I love how in the early 2000s everyone who lost the dating shows like flavor of love, rock of love, etc just got their own shows ?


College Hill was a BET original show that brought reality TV a little closer to home. The first season featured students from surrounding colleges in the Atlanta area. It gave people a peak into college life; it showed the drama, the hook ups, the parties and a little school work too.

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watching all the seasons of College Hill was part of the reason I wanted to go to college BET need to bring that show back it was motivation


Keeping up with the Kardashians is the only show on the list that still airs now and it clearly is no coincidence. The Kardashians tapped into their niche early on, a very natural one at that. The Kardashians had enough family members to keep story lines going and different personalities that kept us entertained. They weren’t competing for a chance to win a million dollars, but somehow it just worked.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 1

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Real World was a staple for reality TV for over 10 years. Real World picked 7 strangers to live in a house as cameras catch whatever may unfold. The cast of the MTV show was always diverse and showed young people in different cities experiencing new things.

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Found out today that my boss was on MTV on real world like 10 years ago ?


Making da Band jumped on the “find the next big music star” craze very early on! Created by P.Diddy, the show went all over looking for rappers and singers to sign to Bad Boy Records. Eventually Diddy picked 4 rappers and 1 singer to make “Da Band”. Unfortunately Da Band got in their own way, the members couldn’t get along living in the same house and some just weren’t ready for fame and all that came with it.

Making Da Band: Fred vs Ness Fight (2003)

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