Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Timbaland and Pharrell Set to Beat Battle

Two of the best beat producers in the game are set to battle it out in the beat arena after a tweet surfaced from the account of Just Blaze.

Just Blaze admitted to speaking with Timbaland and that the musician was interested and willing to battle it out with fellow Virginia-native Pharrell Williams. The two have decades of combined experience working on several other artists albums as well as their own.

This announcement comes on the coattails of a Just Blaze and Swizz Beats battle back in February that ensued over Instagram and lasted well over two hours. More than one million people tuned in for the battle, and this one looks to be even more promising.

Pharrell continues to tear through the entertainment industry at light speed as he is currently working on a fifth studio album from N.E.R.D while continuing his long-standing presence on the hit TV show The Voice.

Keep your fingers close to the Twitter refresh as we await further details on this epic potential battle.


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