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VIDEO: DMX Struggles in Ruff Ryders Reunion

It’s always tough to watch your childhood idols age, but it’s even worse to witness them all-out bomb their reunion concert.

While the remaining Ruff Ryders put on an epic show, the headliner DMX struggled through his set pausing for long moments in between songs to give outlandish rants.

DMX Rant Speech ( Emotional Video At The Ruff Ryders Reunion Concert) (2017)

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While the set packed some heavy-hitting punches with hits like "Party Up (Up In Here),"  "How's It Goin' Down" and "Ruff Ryders Anthem," DMX paused frequently between songs to give long speeches to an oddly confused crowd.

When he was attempted to be rushed off the stage for taking too long, DMX responded by shouting, “They can kick rocks!” and later admitted, “Don’t expect me to be a role model!”

While none of us expected DMX to point us down the path of righteousness, the remaining Ruff Ryders crew would have preferred a better showing from their former front-man. Fat Joe, The Lox, Cassidy, French Montana and Swizz Beats all impressed during their sets while Eve may have been the star of the show performing hits such as "Love Is Blind," "Satisfaction" and her Gwen Stefani duet "Let Me Blow Ya Mind."

Eve "Love Is Blind" - Ruff Ryders Reunion - NYC

Eve "Gangsta Lovin" - Ruff Ryders Reunion - NYC

Not everything gets better with age.


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