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Would You Live in a Forest Apartment?

Tired of living in the city and not being able to be surrounded by nature? Well, thanks to Stefano Boeri, your apartment can be covered with plants.

It may sound odd, but the Italian based designer released plans of an apartment building that is essentially a “vertical forest”. The new concept is set for China to help solve the problem of lack of nature. The two forest towers would be located in the city of Nanjing and are hoping to expand to other Chinese cities.

Currently, there is already one vertical forest located in Milan. The tower, which they call Bosco Verticale, was created in 2014.

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Vertical Forest, Italy

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Architecture Highlights: The Vertical Forest of Milan #milan #italy

Tenants can expect to look out of their window and see 23 different trees and 2,500 shrubs according to Thrillist. The “Nanjung Green Towers” would also include offices as well as a hotel, museum, and a school.

China is currently having major environmental issues in their cities. The country’s smog and air pollution is a serious health risk to all of those living in the area. Over the years, the government has had to figure out ways to reduce the pollution risk. By having these green building, they are hoping it would reduce China’s pollution issues.

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RT @bishnoikuldeep "China is building a vertical forest that will produce 60kg of oxygen a day. #GlobalWarming

Sadly, according to Thrillist, the one tower will not do as they believe. Most of China’s pollution issues are due to cars. An average car pumps out “about 4.7 metric tons of CO2 a year”. One plant tower would really only reduce the pollution of approximately “5 cars a year”.

Stefano Boeri states that the “Two towers in a huge urban environment [such as Nanjing] is so, so small a contribution. But it is an example. We hope that this model of green architecture can be repeated and copied and replicated.”

In the future, we may start to see the city skylines become greener.


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