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Chris Pine Explains The Differences Between "All The Chris's" In Super Hero Movies

And Chris Pine does this all in song in his opening monologue on Saturday Night Live. 

To the tune of "Uptown Girl," he explains that because they are all "White Guys" named Chris, they constantly are getting confused.

Chris Pine Monologue - SNL

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Truthfully, Chris Pine's singing is pretty bad, but there's a total connection constantly between all the Chris's. When they are asked about each other, they always play along.

For example, During Avengers: Age Of Ultron promotions, Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth show that the guys try to agree on which Chris is the best, between the two of them and Chris Pratt, and the Marvel Universe Chris's say that Chris Pratt is the better of them all.

Chris Hemsworth & Chris Evans of Avengers: Age of Ultron Play The Yes/No Show | MTV After Hours

Avengers: Age Of Ultron cast members Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans play the 'Yes/No Show' and answer rapid fire questions.


BuzzFeed has even gone as far as morphing Chris Pratt and Chris Evans and showing that it looks like Chris Hemsworth (view that here).

Truth be told, even if you're not a Chris, the Marvel guys are so "bromantic" about each other:

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So after all of this, my conclusion is: Chris Pine really just wishes he was a Marvel Bro, and this is the only way he could put himself in league with the others, by drawing attention to the fact that he's not Evans, Hemsworth, or Pratt.


Chris Evans stars alongside Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman, which is out June 2.


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