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ICYMI: Lil Wayne Fan Gets Dropped On Stage

You know the old saying your mom use to warn you about:  "Nothing good happens after midnight?" Well, the hip-hop translation is equivalent to nothing good happens when you jump on stage.

One fan received the full-on treatment when he was quickly gobbled up by Lil Wayne's "Goon" squad while he tried to run across the stage.

Lil Wayne Stage Crasher Steps Up, Gets Beat Down by 'Goon' Squad

Some Lil Wayne fans just gotta learn the hard way ... like this guy in Miami who jumped onstage and caught a beating at the hands and feet of Weezy's bodyguards.

The three seconds of fame was probably not worth it, as he was met with a fury of fists and a fleet of feet with Weezy’s squad making a quick example out of the not-so-fleet-footed fan.

Concert-going 101, lesson one: DO NO JUMP ON STAGE.

Lesson number two: DO NOT JUMP ON STAGE.

Especially not Weezy F Baby’s stage, just ask the Idaho concert goers. And the F is for finished because that concert was canceled.


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