Tristan Fewings/Getty Images; Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Jamie Oliver Looks To End Feud With Gordon Ramsay

Looks like Katy Perry isn't the only one calling for beef to be off the table. 

Famed cooks Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay have had issues for years, 2009 in fact, is when it started. But now, Jamie Oliver waves the flag and steps to the side in hopes that Gordon Ramsay will step forward and end the fight.

The fight began after Jamie Oliver stepped forward to defend an Australian Journalist who was insulted by Ramsay.

Oliver is quoted in E! says, "Our kids are around the same age and they don't need to see their dads slagging each other off... It's pathetic."


There's been no response from Ramsay as of yet.


Amy Cooper is the type of journalist that when asked "What do you bring to the table," she replies "I am the table.