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5 Names Snoop Dogg Should Call Himself For His Gospel Album

It has come out that Snoop Dogg is coming out with a Gospel Album, and that seems pretty strange. 

He is quoted in one of Vibe's stories saying that “It’s always been on my heart. I just never got around to it because I always be doing gangsta business or doing this or doing that. I just felt like it’s been on my heart too long. I need to do it now.” He also has noted that people like Faith Evans may collaborate with him as a feature on a track.

Now, Snoop has been many things. With all of his side hustles, he typically has a different name for himself when he's doing them if it's not his main persona, Snoop Dogg. Remember, there was Snoop Lion, and DJ Snoopadelic (yes, Snoop Dogg even headlined an electronic music festival under this name).

So, in our thoughts, we have to wonder, would Snoop Dogg continue this project as Snoop Dogg? Or would he be a variation of Snoop? Here are some winning ideas for names he could run with:

Vicar Dogg

Early Christianity uses vicar as a term for a representative of a superior member of a church. Similar to a vice-President, or a deputy. Considering if you're doing a Gospel Album, and it's "God's Word," maybe Vicar would be the proper term.


Reverand Snoop

If he's preaching, he may be a Reverand. And some consider rap or gospel to be a musical form of preaching, so this might just work!


The Father, The Son, And The Holy Snoop

This one is a little long, but it might be a contender for an album title.


Snoop Deacon

Ranking with priests and bishops, deacons are ministers and can serve as witnesses to weddings and baptisms.


Snoop Diocese

Could either play as an album title or name.


What do you think Snoop should do when he considers naming himself for his new album? Let us know in the comments! (And please note, this was not to be offensive or poke fun at anyone's beliefs, this was purely satire).


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