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6 Of the Best Food and Wine Pairings

Sometimes you just need a great glass of wine.

Whether you like a full-bodied red or a sweet Moscato, there's always a dish that will sync up perfectly with the wine you love. Here are some of the best food and wine pairings to try for your next dinner party:


Pinot noir and pizzas 

If you've got a pizza with toppings like mushrooms, reach for a pinot noir to bring out those earthy flavors.


Chardonnay and seafood

Chardonnay is a perfect complement to dishes like Salmon, and becomes even more delicious if the meal is prepared in a rich sauce.


Champagne and cheese

The saltiness in the cheese works perfectly with this bubbly beverage.


Sushi and a dry Riesling

While Sake is always a favorite alongside sushi, a Riesling is a good bet too. Just make sure you pick a dry selection.


Cabernet and steak

Talk about a luxurious meal. You'll enjoy plenty of rich flavors with this pairing.

When you want to end the meal on a sweet note, reach for a Moscato to accompany pastries and other treats.



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