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Here's Why Twitter Loves Home; Can You Relate?

Ah, home is where the heart is.

For some people, being at home is the perfect vacation. Not everyone gets infected with the social bug and not everyone likes to travel and be away from home for long amounts of time.

There are many reasons why people love their home. Wonderful memories are made there with family and friends. You have the coziest bed inside your home. You can do just about anything you want inside your home. You can be free to express who you want to be. Your home is your comfort zone free from judgments and the craziness of the real world right outside.

Bobby on Twitter

WhyILoveHomeIn5Words around the people i love

Veda Janan on Twitter

WhyILoveHomeIn5Words I can be completely antisocial !

????????#THEMAN ???????? on Twitter

I can walk around naked #WhyILoveHomeIn5Words

Justin Lomprey on Twitter

I am not at work. #WhyILoveHomeIn5Words

Lexie Ford on Twitter

WhyILoveHomeIn5Words peace, quiet, green, happy, love

çmajormusicug on Twitter

WhyILoveHomeIn5Words food ,Wify, bed ,freedom, food

LIL AGNES on Twitter

WhyILoveHomeIn5Words I can ugly in peace.

Lissa ✌️???????? on Twitter

It's where my dogs are. #WhyILoveHomeIn5Words @PowerpuffTag

Klorine on Twitter

WhyILoveHomeIn5Words the place where mom lives. ❤

Lissa ✌️???????? on Twitter

Don't have to wear bra. #WhyILoveHomeIn5Words @PowerpuffTag

Are you a homebody? Why do you love your home?


Sarah Francis is a half-Palestinian journalism junkie, a proud Charlotte, NC native with an oversized sweet tooth, and an active world traveler. Ask her where she's headed next. (@Sarah_Francis25)