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5 Hip Hop Artists Who Traded A Mic For A Script

We see it more often than ever now - rappers and singers taking roles on TV shows. 

And with Tyga's recent acceptance of a script in the new season of MTV’s horror series 'Scream,' we felt the need to highlight the involvement in musicians taking on roles on TV shows.

This opens up their audience to a new fan base, and it will bring in people who didn't listen to their music before to check it out.

Here are 5 artists who took on TV, whether it be permanently or guest roles.



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Though Ludacris is more of a movie actor these days, he started tackling TV roles here and there with Empire and Being Mary Jane. 



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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit has been home to Ice-T for years. Playing a sassy cop, he's even been mocked (with love) by Saturday Night Live and by John Mulaney.


LL Cool J

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Much like Ice-T, LL Cool J took on a role as a level of law enforcement on NCIS: Los Angeles, but considering that he already has hosted many award shows, he also plays double time and hosts Lip Sync Battle with Chrissy Teigen.


Queen Latifah

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Kicking off on Living Single, Queen Latifah has been on many TV shows, including Single Ladies, and Star. 


Will Smith

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With The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air and All Of Us, Will Smtih has had his fair share of TV appearances while still maintaining Hollywood Actor status.


What are some of your favorite TV roles?