Rapper Jumped In A Restaurant With His Family Present

Dipset member, Hell Rell, was jumped in a Chinese restaurant this past weekend.

A video has been circulating that shows a few men approach the rapper while seated in a restaurant and then all hell breaks loose (pun intended).

POWTV ???????????? on Twitter

yall all made posts about that white kid when yall thought he was getting bullied. but yall say nothing about hell rell getting jumped every month. bullying at its finest ????????‍♂️

The responses on Twitter have been heavily in Hell Rell’s favor.

Dre. on Twitter

On sight" doesn't extend to when you're with women & kids. That was corny what they did to Hell Rell. Especially cause they taped it

Rugbo. on Twitter

Damn, they ran down on Hell Rell on a Sunday afternoon while he was out w/ his moms? They violated the sunday truce.

He also took to social media to aggressively respond to the incident.

You can read it here.

We don’t know what led to this brutal beat down, but I'm sure we can expect a retaliation from Hell Rell.


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