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Student Brings Record Player To Midterms To Listen To Kanye West

No cell phone? No problem.

You gotta give props to this kid for thinking genius thoughts. His teacher, like many, told students that cell phones weren't permitted even for music during their midterms. So this kid straight up brings a record player to class. And he doesn't just bring any record. Pictured is Kanye West's 'The College Dropout' album.

Eric Saueracker on Twitter

Students are taking their Physics Midterm exam today. I said no cell phones, not even for music since they could be used to cheat. This student brought in a record player and is bumping Kanye in his headphones right now...


The internet, needless to say, went crazy on it.

???? on Twitter

We're living in 2018 while this guy is living in 1974

Kinsington Stucky on Twitter

Wow, us youngins always thinking outside the box????????


The kid is clearly a huge Kanye Fan, as he also brought 'Late Registration' and 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy' to class. The Team Kanye Twitter asked the teacher if the student had '808's & Heartbreak' on vinyl, and was willing to send it to him, but the student has since replied that his girlfriend just bought it for him after this.

TeamKanyeDaily on Twitter

@esaueracker How can we get his info? He deserves to have the 808s & Heartbreak vinyl too if he doesn't already.


The teacher, however, did say this much:

Eric Saueracker on Twitter

As a follow up: @TheItalianPacca did ace the test whilst listening to college dropout...


Music is life, friends.


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