Jemal Countess/Getty Images for MTV

Ashanti And Ja Rule Are Collaborating Again

At the BET Awards, Ashanti confirmed with Entertainment Tonight that there's an album in the works.

Quoted by XXL, she said the following:

"Listen, me and Rule, it's so funny because we've been talking about that for so long, but I think now he's like, 'OK, now it's time to do it.'"


Ja Rule echoed the idea prior to Ashanti's proclamation on Twitter, right after Beyonce and Jay-Z droppedĀ 'Everything Is Love,' so chances are, it was a kick that they both needed to start writing together again.

Ja Rule on Twitter

Iconnic... The Carters... New album is dope!!! @ashanti I think we should do one of these joint albums haha... #fortheculture #iminspired #iconn ???? rp


Let's just hope Rule's legacy wasn't ruined by all that Fyre Festival stuff...