David Becker/Getty Images for Daylight Beach Club

Rick Ross Being Sued For "Maybach Music" Tagline

Okay, c'mon now. Rick Ross has been saying this FOR YEARS!

But surprisingly, it's not by Maybach, the German car manufacturer.

Another rapper by the name of Young Muhammad says that Rick Ross stole the catchphrase from Muhammad's song "Caprice Music." He featured Ross on the track, and the phrase came from that collaboration, but Ross didn't drop it after the fact.

He wants $9,999 for "theft of intellectual property," according to TMZ, and is also suing Roc Nation for the use as well.

Considering how many times Ross has said that phrase, including the inclusion of the phrase the song "Purple Lamborgini" from theĀ 'Suicide Squad' soundtrack, I'd be asking for more if I were him, but maybe if he shoots for under $10,000, maybe he'll get it.