Coronavirus Information Central

Cumberland County officials declared a state of emergency in response to the coronavirus situation at a press conference Monday afternoon. County Commissioners Chairman Marshall Faircloth said there are still no confirmed positive tests in Cumberland County at this time.

The county has opened a general information line for county services, at 910-678-7657. This is for non-medical situations. For medical-related situations, or if you are concerned you may have coronavirus, you can call CareLink at 910-615-5465.

Fayetteville Mayor Mitch Colvin said the city has also signed an emergency declaration order. The City will also order all gatherings of 100 or more people on publicly owned property banned. Colvin encouraged private businesses to follow suit.

The health department also reinforced that there are NO confirmed or presumptive-positive cases in Cumberland County, and that none are being hidden from the public. Any rumors otherwise are false.

Also of note:

  • Parks & Recreation are still looking into possible postponements.
  • At tonight’s city council meeting, presence will be limited. You can watch the session at faytv.
  • No cases in the county. 33 cases statewide. No cases from community spread.
  • Health department encourages people to limit public exposure, especially those at higher risks.
  • County reinforces that healthy people should NOT use face masks, but just like CDC guidelines, those should be reserved for high-risk officials.
  • Health department says to call ahead to doctor or emergency room if you feel like you have been exposed.
  • Testing is NOT currently being provided at the Cumberland County health department. Follow your doctor’s guidelines or call 910-615-5465 on getting testing.
  • Cape Fear Valley Health’s Mike Nagowski said hospital has been monitoring situation since January, and continues to stay focused.
  • Cape Fear Valley has conducted 10 tests with no confirmed cases, but reiterates that we WILL likely have many.
  • Harnett County case test was conducted at Cape Fear Valley Health North Pavilion.
  • Hospital only allowing one person per patient as visitors. Further limits may be put in place.
  • 910-615-5465 is the CareLink line for health-related questions in the county.
  • If you are being instructed to go to the hospital, do NOT walk into facilities if you are being sent to hospitals for testing. Hospital will meet you at your car for public swabbing.
  • In order to receive testing, you must be showing symptoms AND have either testing negative for flu, or have traveled to a risk area recently.
  • Cape Fear Valley Blood Donor Center says: “We will suffer a blood shortage. Blood drives have been cancelled. Our schools supply half of our blood supply for our patients, so with those closed we will need the rest of the community to step up to volunteer to give blood. Our local patients who are your friends, family and neighbors are still in need of blood! Respiratory viruses, such as COVID-19, are generally not known to be transmitted by donation or transfusion. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration continues to report that there have been no reported or suspected cases of transfusion-transmitted COVID-19 to date. Please visit our center, 3357 Village Drive, to give blood. Appointments can be made by calling 615-LIFE.”

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