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This isn't Astro the super-speedy Shih Tzu-poodle who led rescuers on a high-speed chase on a D.C. interstate Friday, but you could easily understand how the Superman costume would make you think it was!

It wasn’t your usual high-speed highway chase, but for a few minutes on Friday, one dog led rescuers on the chase of his lifetime on a Washington, D.C. highway. “Astro” the Shih Tzu-poodle mix was responsible for the thoroughly exhausting, but absolutely cute chase. Make sure to watch the video below. It’s absolutely worth it.

According to WJLA in D.C., Astro got out of the grasp of rescue workers after his owner Liyan Young was involved in a crash.

“As soon as the door cracked that dog was out,” says firefighter Ryan Bailey.

Astro scampered all along the freeway as first-responders and good Samaritans did their part to try and catch the speedy pooch. Watch the video below:

Young Shih Tzu-poodle leads 7-minute chase

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Fortunately, after about seven minutes of scampering – and a few nerve-wracking close calls – they were able to get Astro safely home. His owner told WJLA that he had some minor burns on his paws, but was otherwise OK after the chase.

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