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Could Snoop Dogg be moving into the hot dogs business?

We all know Snoop Dogg for his music, but now Snoop Dogg looks to be selling HOT DOGS!

That’s right, according to Billboard, Snoop has applied for a federal trademark registration on a hotdog brand called “Snoop Doggs.”

Snoop has made his money in lots of ways outside of music, as he has a brand of liquor, cookbooks, cannabis and lots of other things. But possibly soon, you will be able to ask for SNOOP DOGG hot dogs with mustard. Can you imagine putting Snoop Doggs on the grill? Grilling up some “SMOKED DOGGS” LOL! See how I did that…

So congratulations to Snoop on finding ways to continue to grow his brand.

According to Billboard, “The December filing came with little detail on the planned products. Snoop’s attorneys filed it as a so-called intent-to-use application, meaning Snoop has not yet launched a brand — but that he has a serious intent to do so and wants to lock down the name ahead of time. An attorney for Snoop did not return a request for comment on Monday.”

What’s really funny is that Snoop went viral back in 2016 for saying he “ain’t never eating a (expletive) hot dog” again after watching how they were made in a bit on the Jimmy Kimmel show. Watch the video here.