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Getting your music played on the radio isn't as simple as just sending it to us. Here's some useful tips.

If you’ve seen our email inboxes or social media DMs around here, you would definitely know that people out there are trying to get their music on the radio in North Carolina.

We understand completely. Every aspiring musician wants to hear that track played over the station, because it helps to make it real.

But getting your song played isn’t just as simple as dropping an email. There are a lot of things that we have to think about when deciding what plays and what doesn’t.

The good people over at put together a useful few tips that we think will help you out. Read the full story here.

  1. Gain clout elsewhere first
  2. Send in your CD/mixtape (we don’t really do this… but maybe it works somewhere)
  3. Focus on non-commercial radio (at first)
  4. Offer an exclusive
  5. Send over an electronic press kit
  6. Sign with a label (this is a big one)
  7. Cultivate your “organic” airplay
  8. Think globally

Good luck in your musical journey. Hopefully we’ll hear you on the air one day!