According to a Sherriff office Official, Rkelly has been arrested today in court (March 6) for unpaid child support. Rkelly was ordered by the courts to at least pay the minimum payment of $161,000 he owes to his ex wife Drea Kelly by March 6th. Being unable to come up with the full $161,000 he was sent to jail by the judge.

Rkelly mentioned in a recent interview with Cayle King that he was frustrated for not being able to have a relationship with his children. With all these allegations placed against him, the future is looking mighty dim for the Pied Piper. Is it time to hand over the King of R&B Crown? And no, we’re not talking about “At the Club with Young Money.”

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Alyssa Debonair is a Fayetteville Promotions Director and multimedia journalist for WUKS. She writes about hip-hop, pop culture and everything entertainment. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @AlyssaDebonair