Lady G & Pastor Anthony

Sundays 6AM - 11AM


“Lady G” is the host of Sunday Morning Inspirations on 107.7 JAMZ FM 6-11AM; she has worked in gospel radio for more than 30 years. Lady G has received numerous awards, and was name the Best Female Gospel Announcer for North Carolina, South Carolina, and Southern Virginia.  She also works with her husband and co-host Pastor Anthony Faison at 2nd Chance Ministries Deliverance Center in Fayetteville. Over the years, the ministry has helped ex-offenders, who are serious about taking advantage of a 2nd Chance, with their return to mainstream America. The ministry also helps aid the homeless, assists in helping neglected and abuse children, and helps those who feel people have turned a blind eye to their plight. “Lady G” is active in the community and has worked with various organizations. She recently retired from working in Cumberland County Schools with exceptional needs children. Most important, Lady G is a living testimony of God’s grace and mercy. In May of 2016, after going to see the doctor for excruciating joint pain, and to Lady G’s surprise, the Dr.’s diagnosis was cancer… Multiple Myeloma! Though, the prognosis was dim, in an instant, the power of prayer was at work. People from all over prayed, especially her husband and children.  It grew into Lady G’s Faithwalk to Recovery. Our God shined his light, and one year later, Lady G has the victory. 100% remission.

 Lady G says “The doctor said the sentence was cancer, but from that I appealed.
I got a message from my God and he said I’m healed!”